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Plastiglas de Mexico S.A. de C.V., a business unit of Unigel Group, is leader in the market of cell cast acrylic sheet in North America with the largest market share in Mexico, USA and Canada.

 Plastiglas Ocoyoacac Plant

Plastiglas de Mexico, S.A de C.V. has the largest installed capacity in America for cell cast acrylic sheet. Also it is the largest distributor in Mexico of worldwide well-known trademarks of chemicals and plastics.


Plastiglas de Mexico is a company that since 1959 has been producing cell cast acrylic sheet and that few years ago started to commercialize plastic laminates looking for market leadership supported in the excellence of its products and services in order to provide added value to all of its customers.


We have two manufacturing facilities. One is located in Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico and the other one in San Luis Potosí, SLP. Both facilities comply with the highest quality standards which allowed the achievement of the ISO-9002 certification in October 1998 by Bureau Veritas Quality International.


In order to ensure a reliable supply of our products, four Service Centers have been established in the most important cities of Mexico: in Mexico City, Guanajuato, Guadalajara and Monterrey and two Acrystores® in Aguascalientes Headquarters Unigel and Sinaloa.


Internationally, Plastiglas has successfully entered markets and market segments in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America through an efficient network of authorized distributors and Sales Representatives.



Unigel Group, one of the most important petrochemical groups in Latin America is integrated by eight unit businesses manufacturers of a wide range of intermediate chemicals, acrylic sheets and the unique manufacturer of polycarbonate in Brazil.

Due to vertical integration to raw material, the strategy of Unigel Group is to position itself into the market as one of the most important manufacturers of acrylic laminates in America. It is for this reason that since February 2006, Plastiglas de Mexico is proudly part of this successful group.

The orientation to customer allows Plastiglas to get closer to customer needs and comply or exceed their requirements and specifications. Thanks to this we can supply superior value products.


Plastiglas de Mexico, a Unigel Group company.


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